Bentley Fazi: YA Classes Teacher Highlight

In our YA Classes Teacher Highlights, we feature one of our amazing instructors and interview them so our members and readers can get to know them. This teacher highlight is with Bentley Fazi.

Bentley is a yoga teacher and wellness influencer in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has been practicing yoga since 2015 and ventured into teaching the following year. Yoga became her path to discovering her truth. Its guidance, love, and sheer force paved the way to reveal who she really was.

Yoga became the unexpected, but necessary pivot in Bentley’s life a few years back and set the stage for who she is today.

Bentley Fazi shares her yoga journey:

“I experienced my first yoga class in 2015 after a friend convinced (okay, dragged) me to it. I ended up in a 75-minute, heated, power flow! For my FIRST class ever! Needless to say, I left drenched, utterly confused, but very much intrigued.”

It was like a spark was lit inside me and I couldn’t wait to go back to experience it all over again.

Bentley fell madly in love with the practice and started going four to five times a week. A year and a half later, she quit her job, enrolled in yoga teacher training and the rest was history. As part of the LGBTQIA+ community, she integrates her love and desire for all people to live their truth in both her practice and yoga teachings, on and off their mats.

Want to learn more about this incredible teacher? Read on.

Get to Know Your YA Classes Teacher: Bentley Fazi

We sat down with this powerhouse yoga teacher for a Q+A session so YA Classes members and YouAligned readers can learn more about her.

YA: What’s your favorite self-care practice you can’t live without?

Bentley: My favorite self-care practice that I cannot live without is – sunshine! It is so important to me that each day I spend a few minutes outside in the sun. The feeling of the fresh air, the warmth on my skin instantly helps my mood and my energy!

Whether it’s taking my pup for a walk, or starting my day outside with a cup of coffee, or taking a mid-day break to get some fresh air, it’s so important to me to get outside and soak up some sun.

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YA: What’s your go-to song or music genre when you teach (or practice)?

Bentley: I truly love both a quiet, meditative practice and a fun and upbeat, high-energy style of class. When I teach, my playlist is an eclectic blend of songs, moods and genres to get you feeling connected to your body and to the movement.

I love to focus on a song with a good rhythm and beat so that you can feel deep into your body and connect to the cadence of the song. I love to mix covers of songs, mixed in with some EDM style songs (a little house, electro, etc), as well as some classic rock, pop, 80s, oldies, and reggae. I told you – my yoga playlists are eclectic!

YA: What’s your favorite motivational quote?

Bentley: “The answer is always no unless you ask.” Have the courage to put yourself out there. Tell yourself “I CAN do this,” even if you think you can’t. Be brave enough to pave your own way, to get outside of your comfort zone, to create a life that makes sense to you, to take a risk, even if you fail along the way. Take the chance.

YA: What’s your favorite yoga pose? Least favorite?

Bentley: My favorite yoga pose to practice is Flying Monkey and my least favorite is Utkasana (Fierce/Chair pose).

Tap Into The Unexpected With Bentley

Yoga Class

With Bentley Fazi

Life is a journey and throughout that journey we will inevitably experience change and unexpected twists and turns. Join Bentley in this online yoga class from YA Classes as she guides you through a juicy slow flow yoga practice with unexpected transitions, unique variations to poses you know and love, and a beautiful message of empowerment throughout.

YA: Where’s your favorite place in the world you’ve ever been to, and why?

bentley 2Bentley: My favorite place in the world is Italy. My father was born in Italy and I was incredibly fortunate as a child to spend many summers there with my family.

I went last summer with my partner and we had such an incredible time, that we are going back again this year! I could eat pasta every day of my life.  For me, between the incredible food and wine, the romantic atmosphere, the lively energy and the beautiful language, there isn’t much more you could want.

YA: What’s your most embarrassing moment, either teaching or in life?

Bentley: I’m a pretty goofy person all around, but one of my more embarrassing moments early on in my teaching career, was in front of a pretty large class and as I cued the next pose, I meant to say “shift forward” and I clear as day, shouted “SHIT forward.”

I paused, looked around (while my whole class was balancing in Warrior 3) and went “did I just say what I think I said??” Everyone looked at me, laughed, and toppled out of the pose. It was a funny reminder to enunciate more clearly.


YA: What’s your #1 piece of advice for maintaining an empowered mindset?

bentley 3Bentley: Stay open and flexible! Life is always going to throw us curveballs, challenges, and changes, especially when we least expect it. Choosing to look at your current situation and assess without reacting, helps you to navigate through life and through those challenges staying grounded and calm.

Know that everything is temporary, all ups have downs, but remember you have the tools and ability to choose how you respond, how you show up and how you live your life.

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What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Bentley: I am two water signs (Pisces Sun and Cancer Moon) and I (not shockingly) LOVE the water.

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I am an advanced open water scuba diver and a certified sailor and if I could find a way to actually live IN the water, I would.

YA: Aside from your own, what’s your favorite class or teacher on YA Classes?

Bentley: I love all of the classes from Courtney Fox and Ashton August so much!

Want to Connect More With Bentley Fazi?

Bentley is a proud Pitbull dog mom and advocate for her pitbull mix Leo. She is a 200-hour certified teacher through Yoga Alliance. She collaborates often with ToeSox and works as the Social Media and Community Manager for Alo.

Connect with Bentley on social media and practice with her today on YA Classes!

Take an Online Yoga Class With Bentley Fazi

Bentley Fazi’s classes incorporate elements of patience and acceptance, and always include elements of creativity and challenge, encouraging her students to explore outside their comfort zones. Check out her online yoga classes on YA Classes! Not yet a YA Classes member? You can try it free for 14 days.

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